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Internet Marketing/ Online Marketing

It is the way of promoting services/ products (web site) through methods including: email campaign, Pay – Per – Click (PPC) Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also includes defining the targeted market, product or service pricing and analyzing the traffic coming to the web site.


Web site is a marketing tool and as such should be created to maximize your internet marketing strategies.

Therefore before building a web site, it is crucial to determine who is the targeted client and what message do you want  to send to the potential clients. The web site should be an image of what the company or organization is standing for. It should be clear and easy to understand for the visitor.  Most web sites do not have enough information about their product or service. Sufficient content  helps visitor to gain trust which became number one factor for  a client to buy particular product or service.
Clients have to trust that company is going to provide them with a good product or service. Now days clients are swamped with choices  and  an  informative  web site  might help  in making their  decision.

There are many factors which are deciding if the web site is going to do well in search engines.
Here are some strategies to use while building the web site:
First of all think which key words people are going to use while looking for your service or product on the internet. Insert them in Google and check who is coming up on the first place. It is good to analyze the competition web site.
Search Engine Optimization has many components:
  • market research
  • keyword research
  • site structure
  • copy writing
  • on page optimization
  • link building
  • brand building
  • adjusting
  • being up to date